Sunday, April 4, 2010

Saturday Excitement

Our Saturday morning became quite exciting when our friend, Bob, came over with his loader. He and Casey have been working on switching the bed of Casey's work truck to a flat bed... Bob brought the bed over from his house like this (thankfully, he doesn't live too far away!) Of course, the kids thought it was SO cool!!
Watching the excitement from our bathroom window
Once they were done I let Tys go outside to see the "big truck"... Casey took Tys for a little ride and, Tys even got to use the controls!
He didn't stop smiling the whole time he was in there!

Casey continues to work on his work truck and getting it "welding functional" His last day at Dyno was last Saturday night so, he's been laid off for a week now. Really, it hasn't felt any different than when he was on his 7 off from Dyno. However, I'm sure it will once that last paycheck comes in :) Thankfully, he begins a welding job in Reno this next week. The contract for that will be at a power plant there and will last a month - 2 months. He'll be home on the weekends... Casey also got his first mobile welding repair job this last week. Something he could repair quickly for a farmer/truck driver in need and I'm thankful for the ways God is reminding us that He'll take care of us!!