Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Once again, we spent this last weekend working in the yard. This time Casey rented a rototiller and he & my dad worked on tilling the ground. We prepared the dirt for a future big garden (3 times the size of our last one!) and an area for grass. We're also planning on putting in a back yard patio and walk-way. I love seeing the progress that is made and look forward to looking out my kitchen window to see green grass and a green garden!!
Casey got to use the tractor for a couple of loads before it began having mechanical issues.

The kids on their tractor!

Once the tractor died, we had to use manual labor to haul and spread that manure. Even Tys worked hard (notice his booty crack!)
Rototilling the grass area
Our wonderful friend and neighbor, Dena, brought this fun little car over for Trent! Katie was a good big sister and pushed him around... it kept them entertained while we worked