Monday, January 4, 2010

Home Again, Home Again... Jiggity, Jig

After a wonderful 5 day trip to visit Mom and Dad H. in CA., we are home once again. Our journey began last Wednesday when we left at 6 am, in the falling snow and fog. A break in Reno and VERY long drive over Donner made our usual 7 hour trip into a 12 hour trip! But, the kids did great :)
Thursday and Friday we had lots of fun visiting family and friends! Mom made a "practice batch" of ollie bolen on New Year Eve... of course we had to be the taste testers! We were able to visit Great Grandma Dora on Thursday and, I made it to 11:30 pm before heading to bed on New Years Eve (sad, I know. But, its so different when you have little kids and all you truly desire is sleep! 2010 was there the next morning so I knew I hadn't missed anything!)

New Years Day was spent visiting with many, many friends and family who stopped by for ollie bolen and, a time of fellowship. What good times we had!

Sadly, Trent, Tys and I came down with a bad case of the stomach flu for Sat. and Sun. (and even sadder, we left it for dad to carry on...) I was so thankful to have mom, dad and Casey there to help with the kids and take care of us sick ones! I have to say it melted my heart when I asked Tys at one point if he was feeling better. He nodded "yes" then, asked me in a sweet, concerned voice "mommy, are you feeling better"??

We arrived home today just in time for the Fiesta Bowl. Once again, BSU won the Fiesta Bowl! Final Score: 17-10. It was very intense there for a while!

Tomorrow morning, Katie's little friends will arrive for her Princess Tea Birthday Party... in just 2 days my little girl will turn 4yrs old!

I will have to post pictures later as my camera is still piled beneath the mound of unpacked suitcases!