Thursday, January 28, 2010

My birthday

Happy Birthday to me! It's been a good day so far... however, I am slowly beginning to realize that as a mother birthdays just aren't the way they used to be! Instead of saying "it's my birthday, I can't do the dishes" Or "it's my birthday, I'm going to do whatever I want today", you wake up in the morning with three little kids that still want their breakfast (and lunch AND dinner!) And, a baby who wants his diaper changed and bottle filled. There's laundry to be done, bags to pack for tomorrow's trip and bills to pay. So, I celebrate my birthday in different ways now... listening to Katie and Tys' giggles and, little Trent's smile makes it all worth it!
I began the morning by going to the gym ~ this was to help me keep my youth! Then, my three girlfriends took me to lunch today at our local Mexican Restaurant (along with 5 kids!) That was lots of fun and, they had a great time embarrassing me with the big-sombrero-hat-Happy-Birthday-song!! I have also been blessed by my many family & friends who have sent me birthday wishes and gifts and, I am listening to my new Michael Buble' CD at this very moment!!