Tuesday, January 5, 2010


A few pictures from our time at Dad and Mom's in California.... Katie being her usual, animated self!
On Thursday we were able to visit Great Grandma Dora for a little while... I'm so glad we went this day b/c we weren't able to go on Saturday (as planned) since Tys and I were sick.

The boys with Great Grandma! She was feeling a little "under the weather" from a cold so, we brought her a plate of ollie bolen to cheer her up!! She is blessed to have 49 great grandchildren, with 3 more on the way in 2010... that is so amazing to me :)
Casey was our official ollie-bolen-taste-tester. It's a tough job but somebody had to do it!

Something about sitting on Grandpa's lap was SO funny!!
He must be tickling them....
Tys hanging out in the kitchen with his Oma
One of many batches of ollie bolen... this is before the sugar :)
Mom hard at work. I know she made at least 6 batches of ollie bolen on New Years Day!! She even let me try it since, I'll be trying to make them next year :)

Tys was also an official ollie-bolen-taste-tester... yummy!

Oma and Grandpa gave Trent a riding John Deere for his birthday ~ he loves it!

On Sunday we celebrated Katie's birthday... since I was still recovering from the flu and Casey wasn't feeling too great himself, I didn't get a cake made for her. But, she was very happy with her bowl of ice cream and opening her presents. From Oma and Grandpa she received a microwave and 99 pieces of food! She has been busy cooking us all dinner since!
We enjoy our visits to mom and dad's and look forward to the quiet, peaceful time spent on "the farm". The kids love to feed the animals: Curly the Cow, Bad Goose, Lucy & Bob the cats, Mickey & Roscoe the dogs, the birds, chickens and whoever else I left out :) They are so blessed to have Grandparents that love them so much and I know the kids love their visits there as well!!!