Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Californ-I-A, here I come"

We leave for California tomorrow - yay!! We've been busy preparing to go, taking all of our Christmas decorations down and finding "homes" for our new Christmas toys (we are so blessed!) We also woke up this morning to a fresh layer of snow... which makes everything so pretty. However, I am still looking forward to spring :)

Mom and I took the boys to Elko today for Trent's 1yr check up. He weighs 23.5 lbs and got 2 shots. He's still in the high percentile range for his weight, height and head. And, Tys got weighed too; he's 34.6 lbs. Then, we took them to get "cheed-burders" and Trent got his 1yr portraits done. We missed Katie but, she had fun hanging out with her Papa and daddy!

We are looking forward to spending time with Mom and Dad H. and friends & family, for New Years! My mouth is already watering for ollie bolen! Katie has been singing "Californ-I-A, here I come"!!!