Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Katie's 4th Birthday

My beautiful baby girl turns 4 yrs old today!! Katie is such an amazing part of our family! Her constant animated chatter and silly sayings bring us many hours of entertainment. We love her laughter, sweetness, kindness towards her brothers and crazy imagination! Pretty as a Princess!
Katie loves strawberry cake, with chocolate frosting and sprinkles, so that's the cake I made her! At 10:30 yesterday morning her 3 girlfriends, Jolena, Taylor and Marisa, arrived for a Princess Tea Party. They each got to be a Disney Princess and, had fun at their tea party! Then, at 11:30 the "Princes" arrived :) Jakob and Dalton had no idea what they got themselves into when they showed up... there were 4 girls waiting for them to "dance at the ball" It was quite funny! But, they had fun and did lots of playing and running around!

Katie is now "4"!!
Princess Jolena enjoying her tea (juice)
Katie doing all the talking at her tea party! LOL
Sweet Marisa

Jakob, Katie, Jolena and Tys ~ I love this picture!

Tys, Jolena, Dalton, Katie and Taylor

Opening presents

Prince Jakob