Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lazy Weekend

We started a new Saturday night tradition last night... my mom made us all milkshakes and, they were enjoyed by all! The kids loved their M&M chocolate shakes! From the looks of it, Trent was having a good time in his sister's bedroom!
We have had a pretty laid back weekend. Casey has been working days so, the kids and I are just hanging out at home. We did go to "game night" at Judy and Ken's house on Friday night... that was lots of fun! And, I went to the gym yesterday morning. Trent is walking all over the house now by himself and really thinking that he's SO BIG! Tys got a haircut on Friday, in preparation for Matt and Justine's wedding next weekend. The poor kid was so terrified hours BEFORE going to Amber's.. he truly hates haircuts with a passion! But, he was a trooper and Casey said he did better this time than last time (I send Casey with Tys to get his haircut since he can hold him still better than I can!) Afterwards he realized that haircuts aren't so bad when you can have a sucker and new HotWheels car!!!