Thursday, January 21, 2010

Our Morning

I woke up really early this morning (well, early for me!) and went to the 6am step/aerobics class at the gym... what a great workout! I came home to find my little cowboy awake and waiting for me :) Here are a few pictures from this morning... If Trent stops for any period of time to watch something, he does it on his belly. In this case he found it funny that mommy was dusting!
While I was cleaning the bathrooms, Katie and Tys brought all of their bedding into the livingroom and had "naps" (Note: Katie's special blankies went missing over Christmas and just when she was getting used to not having them they were found! No Comment on Tys' special pink blankie...)
The Sweet Picture:
The Silly Picture:
The kids also made a special project this morning but, it's a secret for now :)
We are looking forward to having Casey home tonight!!