Friday, January 8, 2010

New Career

Today marks a change in Casey's job career. As some of you may already know, Casey's current employer, Dyno Nobel, will be laying off 3/4 of their employees the end of this month (or, sometime this spring. The date has been a little unsure) Casey is opting for the lay-off, instead of being the 1/4 employees that are staying, and going a different direction in his career. Beginning today he is starting welding classes in Reno. With the hopes of having his welding certificate and owning his own welding business. We have met a Christian man in Reno who owns a welding business/school and will work with Casey on training him on Casey's days off from Dyno. This man, Dean, will also let Casey contract through him in the beginning so Casey can get welding jobs. While in Reno, Casey will be working hard in class to get certificate at a quicker pace than normal (est. time 1-3 months) We'll miss him while he's either gone or, working, these next couple of months however, I know it'll be worth it in the long run! Please pray for him as he goes through classes and drives back and forth to Reno. And, that he'll be able to build up his business quickly! Casey's welding hat. He's always had a love for welding but needed to be certifide to do anything with it...
I am so proud of my husband, who juggles both work and family!!