Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Casey, Katie and I arrived home around noon today from our trip to Reno and, we had a great time together! It was fun to spend one-on-one time with Katie... she is such a sweet, funny and energetic girl! Upon arriving in Reno yesterday, we met Casey's welding teacher, Dean, and Dean's wife, Lisa, at a restaurant for lunch. Then, in the afternoon Casey took Katie while I did some shopping :) While I was finding great bargains, C & K went for a ride on the ferris wheel at Scheels and did some errands. Then, Katie thought it was fun to hang out at the welding shop... In the late afternoon we headed over to Carson City; after having dinner at Applebee's, we spent the evening at a homeschooling conference. This last year I have been following a homeschooling families blog and, this family travels around the country doing conferences and musical performances. It was such a wonderful evening and, so nice to meet them!! You can see them on their blog: www.titus2.com/blog Katie and her daddy hanging out at the hotel. Katie loved her "new room" in the "new town" and didn't want to leave this morning for home! She's such an adventurer and great traveler