Monday, August 30, 2010

Mill Creek

On Saturday I was feeling brave and took 6 kids to Mill Creek for a picnic. Briana, Eliese, Katie, Jolena, Tys and Trenton and, myself, had a fun time of exploring in the desert/mountains, playing in the creek and looking for wild flowers. The kids got along great and it was nice having the two older girls there to help with the younger ones. The only challenging time came when both Trenton and Tys needed me to carry them down the mountain... let's just say I got my workout in! But, all survived and we came home dirty and tired! Jolena and Katie
Eliese showing off her bow and arrow skills
Katie and Jolena performing a dance for me
Trent is always happy with his bottle in hand!
We always have to have at least one "meltdown" during an outing! It was something like "Jolena's rocks are prettier than mine....!"
Briana and Eliese found their treasure, slime
Tys and his awesome rocks!
Jolena's super cool rocks
Yay! Katie is a happy girl once again!
Saturday evening we enjoyed having our friends, Judy & Ken, and Matt & Justine over for dinner. Than, last night we had fellowship at our house after the evening church service and, tonight we'll be meeting with Katie's new teacher. Somewhere in the middle, we're harvesting the garden, eating yummy chocolate zucchini cake and homemade pasta, house training adorable Sammy, pulling out fall/winter clothes from storage (it was cold here this weekend!) and blah, blah stuff like laundry and house work.