Thursday, August 26, 2010

SLC ~ Lagoon Day 2

Here are pictures from Day 2 at Lagoon. It was so nice to have Casey, Jake and Shane with us! We "big kids" took turns riding the big thriller rides and watching the kids as they rode theirs. Casey and I at our campsite - ready for a big day of fun!
the boys on the Carousal that's 110 yrs old!
Casey, Katie and Tys on the log ride
Mom and my little brother, Jake
me and my boys in line for the beloved car ride. Trenton wasn't very patient when it came to waiting in line!
On the car ride - again.....
Nana & Tys

Katie having a little fun with her Uncle Jake

Shane and I getting ready to be launched over 200 ft in the air!! It was almost just as good as sky diving :)
Me and my awesome hubby!
Our attempt at a family photo. The boys were ready for dinner and Katie was sick of the camera! And, I needed to clean off the lense. I guess we won't be using this for our Christmas photo this year LOL
Another favorite ride, the Whales
Sunday ~ we rested at camp in the morning then, in the afternoon Casey and I took the kids to visit Uncle Don and Aunt Arlene. It was so good to see them again! Casey had to head back to Nevada that evening but first, he was able to pick up our new puppy, Sammy.

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