Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blue Lakes, CA

We had a fun weekend camping with Mom & Dad at the beautiful Blue Lakes, near Carson City! The campground was quite nice and within walking distance from the lake. We enjoyed playing in the lake, doing some exploring in the mountains and what's a camping trip without a little "Haveman 4x4'ing" We even had a few incidences to make it all a TRUE camping experience :) I took quite a few pictures but realized at the end of our weekend that they're lost due to a camera error. So, these are all I have for now and will have to steal some from Mom's camera later. Blue Lakes ~ one of many lakes in the area. People were doing quite a bit of fishing, boating and canoeing...

Trenton, sporting his cool bandaid after running down a hill to fast and doing a face plant in the dirt! He survived with minor cuts and scrapes.
Katie and I getting cooled off in the lake. She had a fun time watching the tadpoles and playing "Queen of the Lake"!! She also got to go swimming in the lake with her daddy.
Casey washing laundry! lol
Casey making Jesse go for a swim. Only we would have a Lab that doesn't like to swim!

Dad, Casey and Trent hanging out at camp. Grandpa made the kids yummy pancakes for breakfast. When I asked Katie later what her favorite part about camping was she said "Grandpa's pancakes!"
Casey and Tys in the early morning. Due to a little mishap, we couldn't use our big family tent so, I slept in the little tent with the boys. Katie got to sleep in the camper with Oma and Grandpa and, Casey was sent to the back of the suburban with the dog! Tys LOVED sleeping in the tent and having fun with his flashlight :)

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