Friday, September 3, 2010

I looked at the calendar this morning to see that it's already Friday, September 3. Where did the week go? Where did the summer go? We are already experiencing signs of fall with much cooler temperatures in the evening and the harvesting of the garden. We still have some corn, acorn squash and mini pumpkins coming! Mom and I have froze quite a bit of the zucchini and, we've been enjoying all of the fresh veggies.
This week was busy with getting Katie ready to begin Pre-K next week. She met her teacher on Monday evening and had 3 shots at the Community Health Clinic on Tuesday. She did so well with her shots! I think I was more nervous about it than she was :) Then, a day trip to Elko on Wednesday where I did all sale shopping and saved more $ than I actually spent ~ yay!! Sammy continues to do well with her house training. She spends time outside during the day while Casey is working than, is inside to play and sleep in the evening. We can alread see that she's grown and is getting more curious as she gets older.


Keith and Margaret said...

How do you freeze your zucchini and what do you use it for? Does your family eat zucchni as a vegetable and how do you prepare it.

We got some from the neighbor but my family refuses to eat it.

Lisa Haveman said...

Hi! We do shred/slice and freeze our zucchini. I use it throughout the year for zucchini bread, zucchini chocolate cake and chocolate zucchini muffins (they don't even know it's in there!) and, I also slice it and put it in a hamburger/rice/cheese casserole. It's good and you can't even taste the zucchini.. so your family might like that recipe. If you want it, let me know. :)