Friday, August 6, 2010

Tys' 3rd birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday Tys!!! Your family loves you very much! Even though tomorrow is Tys' big birthday party, today he got to have a pre-taste of his cupcakes! Tys is not accepting the fact that he's turnin 3 yrs old very well; he wouldn't talk to anyone on the phone today who wanted to wish him "Happy Birthday" and kept telling me that he's not 3. He just wants his party and cake :) I informed him that turning a year older will occur every year, whether he likes it or not! And, at least he's only turning 3 yrs old.. not 30! (not that 30 is a bad age!) lol

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Mere said...

Happy Birthday, Tys! Tell him I would much rather turned 3 then 30 (like I did) this year! ;-)