Wednesday, August 25, 2010


We arrived home late Monday night after 6 fun-filled days in Salt Lake City! We did lots of things and came home exhausted... we camped those 6 days at the Lagoon campground so that also added to our adventures. I'll be spending the rest of this week unpacking camping gear and washing lots of laundry! There are tons of pictures to be posted but, first here are a few of the garden. I came home to find the garden filled with ready-to-be-picked squash, carrots, tomatoes and zucchini. And, my sunflowers are finally blooming! The kid's mini pumpkin patch is doing really well! This little guy will be ready to be picked soon and, if the weather stays warm, there'll be lots more to follow.
Our first year for planting acorn squash... mom cooked it for dinner last night and it tasted great!
No, I didn't grow this adorable puppy in the garden... Casey found her on Craigslist in SLC and brought her home! She is a 6 week old black lab/boxer mix that we've named Sammy. She is already proving to be smart and is house training really well. We all love her so much and she'll be a great companion for Jesse!!

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Geer Family said...

I can't believe you can grow veggies like that in BM! It's a miracle! ;)