Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Midnight Adventure

I still have quite a few pictures of Tys' fun birthday party to post but first, here are some pictures from our little adventure last night! Casey got a call from Atlas around 6:30 last night to haul some mining equipment from the company yard in Elko to the mine. I thought it'd be just a little run and decided to go with him; we left the kids with their Uncle Joe (yes, all parties involved survived the evening until my parents got home! lol) Our "little run" turned into a 12 hour drive around parts of Nevada I never knew existed! We went from Elko, back to Carlin, through Eureka, 20 miles from Ely and about 1.5 hour drive on a mountainous dirt rode in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! Well, I'm sure we were SOMEWHERE but, when you're driving a semi in the dark, in the middle of the night, with a limited map and no road signs... well, you begin to think you're in the middle of nowhere and never going to get there :) We finally did reach the little mine operation and got the equipment unloaded. Then, we began the long trek back home. In all, we logged 488 miles on pavement and 2.5 hours on dirt, mountainous road. I enjoyed seeing the sunset & sunrise of a new day, numerous little critters and deer and, about a dozen falling stars in the vast Nevada starry sky. Riding in the semi was lots of fun too! Although, very loud and a very uncomfortable seat, I enjoyed the ride and spending time with my hard working husband! We arrived home around 7am. Just in time to greet the kids as they woke up and began a new day (I did get about 2 hours of sleep!)
Heading out of Battle Mtn in the evening
This morning's sunrise between Eureka and Carlin

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GoodTimes said...

What a crazy stroke of... adventure! I can almost hear your laugh, Lisa, as you both realize this is no short trip :)