Tuesday, August 3, 2010


God has continued to stay faithful to us and our welding business! Over the course of this summer, Casey has gotten a couple of big jobs from local drilling companies. And, he has also gotten a couple of smaller jobs from our communities "locals". I am amazed at how long Casey can work in this hot weather.... with all those layers of clothing and the welding torch! But, he works hard and does it :) In his off-time from welding, Casey has been driving either the tow truck or semi transport truck for our town's towing company. The boss, Brian, and his family have become friends of ours and we're thankful for the work he's given Casey. So, it usually works out that Casey will work 2-3 days for Atlas Towing and the rest of the week on his welding (depending on the demands of the welding job) On some days he does both! Of course, one of Casey's loves in life is to drive truck so the Atlas job is more like FUN for him! lol Next month he'll be moving over to a shop across town that he's renting from Ken and Judy... for now, he works from our backyard and tries to stay as cool as possible! We enjoy having him home and being able to have him inside at meal times with us. The hard part is keeping the kids away from him and the equipment while he's welding.

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