Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Nevada Storm

Last night we had a storm come through that dumped buckets of rain and hail within minutes! As you can see from the amazing pictures, it was fast and furious...
These amazing sunsets are one of the many reasons we choose to live in the middle of nowhere, Nevadan desert!
Thankfully, our garden seems to still be in o.k. shape! We've been eating lettuce and radishes out of it now for weeks. And, the squash & zucchini are in abundance and ready to be picked! Too bad a veggie-loving gopher got most of our carrots this year :(


Geer Family said...

thank you for these pics and the ones from Angel Lake!

Geer Family said...

Thank you for your prayers! I thought that a little each day would be wise too, so now I jsut need to figure out which days to do what and what can wait to be cleaned every other week instead of every week. Dang thing about having a maid is now I'm used to things being very clean ALL THE TIME!