Thursday, June 24, 2010


This last week has been filled with lots of summer-time fun! The kids are enjoying their new swimming pool (well worth my $10!) and had fun playing with their friends at the park on Tuesday. Katie and Tys are learning how to be creative with their drawings/colorings and Trent recently found a new love for Chap-Stik! I love watching their imaginations go wild as they play and make up games... and, of course, for Katie each new "game" requires a whole new outfit. I can't keep her in one outfit for more than an hour! Casey has been very busy with work these last two weeks. With the welding business being slow at this point, he is getting quite a bit of work driving truck for Atlas Towing. It's not quite what we had envisioned but, are thankful for whatever we can get. God's plans aren't always OUR plans :) And, he has had a few little welding jobs here and there - yay! I am busy packing for our trip to Idaho this Saturday. My mom is taking the kids, myself and Briana to Boise for 5 days of fun!! We're planning on going to the zoo, water park, Hyde Park, ice cream etc. I am looking forward to getting out of town and seeing our good friends in Idaho!

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Geer Family said...

It is such a blessing as a mommy to watch and hear the games/scenarios the kids come up with!