Sunday, June 20, 2010

Motorcycles, Bikers and Concerts

After getting home from Austin yesterday, Casey and I left the kids with my parents for the evening and had a "date" in Elko. The big motorcycle fest was going on (Motorcycle Jamboree. aka. Rumble in the Ruby's) I have to say that I was very surprised at all of the people and motorcycles that were there! There were blocks lined up with motorcycles, a majority of them being Harley Davidsons. This meant there were also thousands of bikers! Casey and I enjoyed walking around looking at the many different bikes and through the booths. This was definitely a rough crowd of people but, everyone was happy and having a great time (I'd say a certain form of beverage helped with that! LOL) And, I have to say I found my future H.D. riding helmet: black with pink rhinestones :)
We enjoyed dinner together at Machis (Ann and Scott, we thought of you!)

This was a pretty cool homemade ice cream invention
In the evening we walked to the band stand and watched a few concerts. The first were these KISS impersonators. All I have to say is that I'm thankful I was born too late in the 70's to have to watch KISS :) Yes, they have some good songs but their outfits just kill me!
Warning: Mullet to the left. Be afraid, be very afraid
After KISS, we enjoyed jamming out to Uncle Kracker! I was excited for that concert as he is on my list of being one of my favorites.

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Geer Family said...

I SO knew you were in Machi's before I read the subheading! Thank you thinking of us and wished we were there to enjoy the crazy Jamboree with you. Isn't it the craziest thing that Elko hosts that and the Cowboy Poetry...both such HUGE events for a town in the "middle of nowhere" :)
many hugs and loves