Friday, June 4, 2010

Katie's New Hair Cut

Katie took "the plunge" yesterday afternoon and chopped off her hair for the summer! This is a really big thing for us :) We all loved her long blonde hair but, it was so just SO much work to keep it brushed and out of her face. And, she hates having her hair combed. So, last week I talked to her about having her hair cut and sending it to Locks of Love where they can make it into a wig for little sick girls. Katie thought this was a great idea! And, because she's sending it to Locks of Love, our local newspaper showed up to take pictures and put her article in the paper. Between May and June, this is the 4th time she or, our family, have been in the paper ~ we're getting famous around here! Here are a few before and after pictures:
Katie and my stylist, Mara. She was a little serious in the beginning but, soon lightened up and had a great time at the salon!
The big snip ~ her hair is SO thick!
Her 12 inch ponytail that was sent to Locks of Love
Looking cute with her new A-line hair-do!
Our Little Princess


Anonymous said...

Wow, that was a lot of hair! Her new haircut is so cute!! I love it!!

Anonymous said...
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GoodTimes said...

So cute!! I love the new look :) And I think it's great to send it to locks of love and that Katie liked the idea too... she's getting too old and wise :)