Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Drive

Sunday afternoon Casey and I left the kids with my parents and took a drive into the mountains. It was such a beautiful day to take a little drive and of course, it's always wonderful to spend time with Casey!
My husband thinks our suburban is a 4x4 monster truck... going on a "leisurely mountain drive" with him often means blazing your own road and, you had better not have a coffee in your hand or it'll be in your lap :) I'm pretty sure "blazing a trail" is a Haveman thing! LOL
View of town
Range cattle
After arriving home we sat outside and enjoyed our new patio and green lawn. Even though we can't walk on the grass yet it's still enjoyable!
Trent and his buddy, Jesse
Trent's "O" look! He makes us laugh with this funny expression whenever he hears a 4-wheeler or motorcycle.

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Deb said...

Absolutely wonderful!!