Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Green Grass

Thanks to our many family and friends, we had a very productive (and busy!) Memorial Day weekend. At 6 a.m. Saturday morning our 4 pallets of sod arrived and we busily got to work getting it laid. Because of the recent downpour of rain that we've had, the ground had to be re-raked and leveled. Throughout the morning, we had everyone show up to prepare the ground and lay the sod. Mom, Katie and I also planted our garden and I planted a couple of new shrubs in our front flower bed. It's slow, hard work but the fruits of our labor is beginning to pay off! Katie planted this tomatoe plant all by herself!
Shad and Casey building side forms and leveling the ground
Let the work begin!
Jesse and Diesel were our official "grass testers"
Judy rolled the sod so that we could easily grab it
Even Jessie and Briana got in on the action....

Justine and Matt... hard at work
We had a few weeds that needed pulling so Tys helped Judy out with that...
You can't have all work and no play :) Jeff took the kids for rides in his tractor

Almost finished....

Yay! We have grass!! I never knew how much I would love looking out my kitchen window and seeing green grass :) I'm pretty sure the dogs approve too!
A huge THANKYOU to everyone that helped!!

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GoodTimes said...

looks great!! I can't imagine a backyard that isn't green... would be a wee bit depressing to me :) So your lawn and patio look tres inviting!! Good job!