Thursday, July 1, 2010

Boise & Bodily Injury

After a fun-filled 5 days in Boise, my mom, the kids and I arrived home last night. We had a great time visiting our family & friends and doing LOTS of fun things! The kids did well on the trip but, were pretty tired by the time we got home... that's usually what happens! As in the previous years, our friends, Brian and Monica, were gracious enough to let us stay with them; for some reason they keep letting us come back and "invade" their beautiful home! Here are the first set of pictures.... After the long drive on Saturday, our first stop was to Hyde Park where the kids got to run around and play. My brother, Jake, and sister in law, Marie, also met us there. We ate dinner and had yummy desserts at our favorite old fashioned ice cream parlor, Goody's.
Katie's first BIG ice cream sundae!
Brian and Monica's home backs up to the local golf course and duck pond... every night the kids got to feed the ducks (and fish!) a bag of popcorn
"hey mom, how does this thing work? I can't find the brakes or throttle!"

A cute little family of geese out for their Sunday evening swim

As some of you already know, I was carrying Trent down the stairs on Tuesday morning and fell about 8-10 steps. Because I couldn't catch my fall, I injured my tailbone pretty bad... thankfully, Trent was ok. I either cracked my tailbone or really bruised it. It's been very painful these last few days and the ride home was torcherous. It hurts to sit, bend over, walk etc. So, today I've been taking it easy (as in, laying on the couch all day) and am feeling somewhat better. My kids keep asking "mommy, how's your booty?"! lol

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Ri said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear you fell. But the quote from the kids is hilarious. :-)