Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Fun Day

Monday, my mom and I took 5 kids to Elko for a fun-filled day! First stop was lunch then, we headed to their favorite wooden park for an hour of sliding, swinging and spinning. The weather of SO nice and it was hard to not go jump in that pool behind them! Briana, Khiana and Katie... one of the girls got "sick" after spinning on that tire for 45 minutes non-stop!
Trent & Tys climbing the wooden stairs

After the park we went to the kick-off party at the library for their summer reading program. Throughout the summer each child will read or, be read to, and keep track of it in their books. Throughout the summer there will be activities, parties and prizes to participate in. I didn't take any pictures at the library because there were SO many kids there the place was like a zoo... it took everything I had to keep track of our own five kids!
We did some grocery shopping before heading home; the boys were alseep before we even left the parking lot!

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