Sunday, June 20, 2010

Austin, NV

Early yesterday morning, Casey and I took the kids and my parents to a town called, Austin. It's an older little town, tucked away in the mountains about 90 miles south of Battle Mtn. Years ago it was a very busy thriving mining and Pony Express town... now, it is more like a ghost town. The town is now known for their turqoise jewelry and antique shops. Once a year they have a celebration called Gridley Days, with a parade and other activities; yesterday was Gridley Days and we decided to take the kids. After the parade, we enjoyed walking around the town and in some of the shops. We also drove around the area to check out a couple of future camping spots and enjoy the view. Katie in front of an old wagon wheel (holding her candy bag and waiting for the parade!)
I took this picture for Dad H :)
Casey, waiting patiently as I checked out a jewelry shop

Someone in the parade handed out western hats to the kids... of course, they thought it was SO cool!
Trent wasn't so sure how his was supposed to be worn!

An older fire truck ~ Tys' favorite!
A pioneer float
The backside of Austin... that wooden structure is a piece of old mine equipment
My parents with the kids
Our family :)
Stokes' Castle
Nevada wildlife! This little lizard was basking in the sun, enjoying an afternoon siesta

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Geer Family said...

all familiar scenes! Thank you for bringing back memories!