Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Needing a break from packing, mom and I took the kids and Jibit swimming after lunch. They had a great time and, this year they're big enough that they can swim in the kiddie pool by themselves (something about the public kiddie pool just isn't very appealing to me!) Ready for the big plunge... ready, set, go!!
Look at the height Jibit got!! He's going to be a long-jump track star someday :)

Trent and Nana just chillin'
Tys had a great time "wimmin"!!
Now, this evening Casey and I are going out on a "date" with Jerry and Sharla, to celebrate our anniversarys. They just had their 10 yr! My parents gave us a gift cert. to a local restaurant for our anniversary last Feb. and, we're just now using it!! Better late than never :)