Friday, August 14, 2009

Trent's world has opened up to all sorts of adventures and new things! He is now rolling all over the place and sitting up on his own. He is getting from Point A to Point B in minutes and getting himself in all sorts of interesting places (more like he gets himself stuck and screams out for help!) His new found mobility has been a challenge for me as our house is a complete disaster from moving and I'm constantly having to watch him. Trent bright and early this morning...
sitting up by himself

He loves the swing!
hanging out with Nana
We are still waiting to have the paperwork finished on the house before we can move ~ hopefully, the closing will be the beginning of next week. Then, dad will paint and we can begin moving the end of next week! In the mean time, I'm busy packing and going through stuff... packing has been going slow and there's still lots left to do! I did get the new house cleaned on Wednesday; there were layers of dirt and fine, white powder from the sheet rock. Lots of hard work but, it's also fun to clean a brand new house where everything comes so clean, so easily :)