Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A few random photos that I don't think I've posted yet... My parents watched our kids last night so we could go on a late anniversary dinner date with Jerry and Sharla. The food was great at the Hideaway and we had a wonderful evening with J & S!!!
Trent finally decided to take a bottle about a month ago! The funny thing is he immediately began holding his bottle as well; it's like he knew all along how to do it! Of course, with him now taking a bottle my world has opened up to all sorts of "freedom" :)

Katie doing her ballerina, Princess pose. (sadly, I cut off her arm...)

One day last week I had Katie's friends over to play (Eliese, Wesley and her beloved, Jibit) They had fun running through the sprinklers and getting all the toys out of the toy box!
Paperwork for the house was supposed to be ready yesterday but, that didn't happen. So, I can't begin moving today like originally planned. We're basically playing the waiting game! I'm trying to be patient but it's hard with our current place being such a mess and, we're leaving next week to go camping. So, in my mind I NEED to be moving now!!