Thursday, August 27, 2009

Here are a few pictures of our new home! There is still lots to do: pictures to hang, painting (both bathrooms, morning room, kitchen) more furniture to move in (china hutch, kitchen chairs in the morning room and coffee table in the living room) and odds 'n end boxes to go through. But, we're "functioning" and loving our new home!! The master bathroom
Our whirlpool tub.. this was taken before we moved everything in... the open doors go into our HUGE closet (which is now full!)

Dining room
In the dining room... looking into the kitchen, morning room and family room

In the family room

view of the kitchen and dining room from the family room... the door behind Trent goes into the master bedroom
living room
And, the pink princess room belongs to Katie!

the boys room


Geer Family said...

HOW BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations. Wish we were there to celebrate.

GoodTimes said...

Wow! What a beautiful new home! Wish we could have a walk-through :). Glad to see the day has finally come and we wish the very best to you all in your new happy home :). Don't forget to send me your new address. I'm thinking I'll just bring Tys' gift with us to California and give it to him then if that's OK with you.
Cheers!... Bernice

Anonymous said...