Thursday, August 27, 2009


I'm back on-line and, am happy to say that we've moved and are getting settled in our new home! We did the official move last Friday and we so thankful to have many of our friends help us out... in all there were at least a dozen "movers" and it really made everything go so quickly. Since then we've been busy unpacking, sorting, organizing and finding our way around all this new space! I have pictures to post of the house but first, here are a few from the moving day

The boys were so good at hanging out and watching everyone work :)

Meredith and Marie arrived Friday night from Boise... I warned them that they were going to be put to work! On Saturday morning Meredith arrived with lattes and we spent the day tackling boxes. Meredith organized our videos and dvd's beautifully (I don't have the heart to tell her that with 3 kids it won't stay that way!!)
Marie spent all day unpacking and organizing our kitchen... what a big job!! Thankyou, Marie, for doing that AND still finding time to bake us yummy cookies :)

Daisy, checking out the new "pad"
Auntie Ri and Trent...