Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Home Again

Just arrived home from trip #6 to SLC for Trent's helmet appointment. Mom, myself and Trent left early yesterday morning... his appt. was at 2pm. Unlike his last appt. there has been no change to his forehead these last 2 weeks; due to the fact that he hasn't grown much and, the first week he had a fever/antibiotic reaction and took a break from wearing it. The good news is that we don't have to go back to SLC for a whole month!!
Mom and I did quite a bit of fall/winter clothes shopping for the kids yesterday afternoon and today.... we found lots of great deals! Also, I got paint today for our new house and, will begin cleaning the house tomorrow. We're hoping we can move in next week :) I am SO ready to move... it's tiring to live around boxes and having our lives in this "transition period". It also doesn't help that I now have to unpack everything from SLC (bags, Costco food, groceries etc) and play "catch up" on the laundry from being gone for 2 days. Thankfully, Casey did clean the house while I was away... isn't he the greatest?!