Sunday, August 2, 2009

The 25 Ranch

Yesterday afternoon we took the kids to our friend's ranch, the 25 Ranch. It's a 600,000 acre ranch located about 25 miles out of town and at the base of a mountain... so beautiful! They were having their big yearly bbq with a band, games for the kids, fishing at their pond and awesome tri-tip (yes, even I liked it!) Katie was excited to be going to a "real ranch" with "real horses" and "real cowboys"!! There were about 150 people at the bbq and I had a good time visiting with friends.

"Beef, It's Whats For Dinner" Even though the cooks were still cooking, I snuck Casey some yummy tri-tip before he had to leave for work
The kids had a great time playing tetherball!

Tys had a blast!!
Thanks to Monte and Kelly for inviting us out to their ranch!!