Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This morning we welcomed 5 week old Daisy into our family!! I know, you're probabley thinking I must be a crazy lady to get a puppy at such a busy time.... and, yes, you're probabley right! But, I thought "we're already busy and it's already crazy so, why not"??? And, since we're not having a baby this year, we figured we should at least get a puppy! lol We picked her up from a guy Casey works with... she was the only female out of 6 pups! She has a little bit of everything in her: black lab, chesapeake bay and pointer. Of course, she's just so cute :) And, the kids already love her so much. Even though we got her for Tys' birthday, she is also very much Katie's dog. Katie has helped bath her, feed and water her and made sure she's loved and comfortable.