Friday, April 24, 2009

You Know You Have Kids When...


1.You crawl into bed at night and have to remove the toys found underneath the covers
2. Your grocery list always has mac 'n cheese, popsicles and spray 'n wash on it
3. You can recite every Diego episode known to man but, have missed every episode of the newest season of American Idol
4. Going to the dentist or eye doctor is something you actually look forward to
5. You look at your clothes at the end of day and wonder how long has that "unknown bodily fluid" been there?
6. While still sleeping, you can change the baby, feed him and put him back to bed without missing out on your dream
7. A 5 minute conversation on the phone is considered a long "chat"
8. When watching your daugther's little seeds grow in its pot and you're jumping around with joy, just as she is
9. When you can torture your kids with your singing... because that's what your mother did to you
10. You drive a Suburban to carry around your wide variety of strollers, small portable potty, diaper bags, balls, the dog AND the kids


1. You look forward to waking up in the morning so you can see your child's smiling face and hear his/her excitement to see you
2. You would rather listen to them sing their make-believe song instead of the radio
3. They give you great big hugs and whisper "I love you mommy" in your ear
4. They color you pictures that wouldn't win a coloring contest but, they sure won your heart
5. You chase them around the house just to hear them scream from happiness
6. You don't mind watching them get dirty because you know they're having fun
7. It's ok you haven't watched this season's American Idol because Blue's Clues is much more educational anyways
8. When you see your baby's smiles in the middle of the night and realize it wasn't just that dream you were dreaming
9. Daily watching each of them grow and learn in their own way
10. You don't mind changing at least 10 diapers a day because you know you're going to get hugs and kisses afterwards