Friday, April 10, 2009

I know I haven't blogged very much this week (sorry Judy!) but, I have some good excuses! First, the week began very busy when I spent all day Monday cleaning and baking for my Scentsy/wine & dessert party that night. About 12 or 13 of mine and my mom's girlfriends (a few from church and friends from the hospital) came and we had a great time! There were even a couple of little girls for Katie to play with ~ which she thought was so cool! Besides trying the different wines and smelling all of those scents till our noses no longer worked... we also had yummy desserts. My mom made a cheesecake and creme de menthe bars and, I made sopapillas and spinach/artichoke dip. Tuesday and Wednesday my back was so bad that I ended up on the floor, with ice, for most of the day. It's been giving me troubles every since Trent was born but, those two days were the worse. Thankfully, my mom was off and helped me out. She made dinner, watched the kids and finished sewing my new skirt for Easter! My back was better yesterday however, I then started getting sick with the chills, body aches and a sore throat. So, the kids and I watched movies and were lazy bums :) In between all that, I still managed to get laundry done, finish my N. Sparks book, run errands and I went through the kid's clothes closests and dressers... out with the old winter clothes and in with their new spring/summer clothes. Here are a few pictures from the week..... Tuesday night we had a "foot party". Using our new pedicure stuff from the Body Shop, mom and I gave ourselves pedicures. The kids wanted in on the action too! On my list: bigger/better tubs for soaking our feet :)
She doesn't look very thrilled but, Katie did have fun! She also got too much sun 4-wheeling that day.

Casey with "the boys". Check out Tys' bruise between his eyes... he got that when he fell on a metal stool at Judy's the weekend before. Poor kid... but, it didn't really bother him. Guess he's going to be hard-headed!

Our good friend, Jona! She and my mom work together at the hospital and, she makes the best Chinese food I've ever tasted!! She usually cooks US dinner but, on Tuesday night we had her over and my mom made HER dinner. An avid golfer, she's going to teach me how to golf this summer....
Our always happy little guy, Trent :)
Today Casey and I are headed to Elko with the kids... grocery shopping and a stop at Home Depot.