Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter everyone! I was reminded today that you can make plans however, they may not always turn out the way you planned them. For today's celebration, we had planned on having my parents, Joe and 2 other friends over for a special lunch, eggs were dyed for the egg hunt, Katie's newly sewn dress was ready to go and Easter baskets filled. We suddenly turned a whole new direction for the day when Katie woke up with the stomach flu... a very bad case of it that lasted all day! Of course, I always feel so bad for my kids when they're sick but, it's worse when it happens on a special day (like two Christmases ago...) So, we cancelled lunch plans (although my mom still came over... us three adults ate a huge ham meal and we have a ton of leftovers!) are saving the egg hunt until a better day and, her dress is still hanging in the closet! Casey went to Sunday School then, I took the boys to the morning service. Katie stayed on the couch the whole day and watched movies or slept (that is, in between being sick) Oh, and to top it off.... about 15 vehicles on our street got vandalized today and, Jerry's truck included. Casey's brother has had his truck parked at our place and some punk smashed out the side window. Inspite of it all, it was a beautiful spring day outside and perfect day to celebrate Christ's resurrection! Katie snuggling with her new Easter bunny and watching a movie. Thankfully, she was better this evening and able to keep some water/toast down.
Tys all dressed up for church!

Me and my little buddy!

Nana brought over his Easter basket after church.... actually his basket this year was a Cars bucket. He LOVES Cars and was using his new bucket all afternoon!

Nana and Tys reading his new book