Thursday, April 2, 2009

A good morning smile from Trent!!
A few things going on around here:
1. For the first time, Tys slept in the toddler bed for his nap yesterday and, again last night. I wasn't sure how he was going to do since he's such a wild sleeper... but, he did great and was excited to sleep in the "big boy bed"! Next, we'll start weaning him off the bottle. I have a feeling that won't go quite as smoothly.
2. I have been faithfully working out 4-5 days a week still... either running/walking on the treadmill or going over to my parent's and using their bike. It's gotten easier since I started a month ago and my back hasn't been quite so bad. I began Trent's 1yr scrapbook and got 6 pages done yesterday. Between exerising, scrapbooking, sewing, reading a Nicholas Sparks' book that takes self control to not read all day, taking care of and playing with the kids well... I keep busy :)
3. Trent is interacting with all of us now. He especially loves his sister and is always smiling at her... which she loves! I'm trying to get him on a better routine throughout the day. Instead of just cat napping whenever he wants, he is now sleeping in his bed and having more structured nap times.
4. Katie has a new love for puzzles! She has moved up to the next level and is figuring out how to put them together (with a little help from me) She and Tys have been playing outside quite a bit, when the weather is nice.
5. Casey is working nights this week; tonight is his last one. Then, he's off for the weekend! He also began working out this week. It works out for him to run when he gets off work in the morning... before coming home to sleep. His crew decided to have a "taco night" tonight and everyone is chipping in to bring something. I opted for the dessert and am going to bake sopapillas. Judy made them for us last Sunday night and they were SO yummy :)

There's our week, in a nutshell, so far.....