Monday, April 13, 2009

Egg hunt

Katie was feeling lots better today and it was another beautiful spring day so, after the boys' naps we took the kids over to my parent's house for their Easter egg hunt. There were lots of eggs for them to find and, Casey & I had fun hiding them :) There were all kinds of them: eggs they dyed, Cars eggs with candy, Princess eggs with stickers or bracelets and, colorful plastic eggs. Katie had been waiting all day for the hunt and got to work right away finding them... this was Tys' first year and he wasn't quite sure what to do. With a little help he caught on quickly and had a great time! After they were done he kept saying "more" Tys filling up his Cars bucket.... and, yes, he's still wearing his favorite Cars shoes! And, that's his favorite tractor shirt from Oma and Grandpa. It's funny because he's actually kind of picky about his clothes and how they fit!
Katie proudly showing off her bucket of eggs!

The boys are now in bed, Katie is spending the night at my parent's and Casey is working an overtime night shift.... I'm taking advantage of the quietness and going to go do some reading....