Monday, April 6, 2009


We had a great weekend! With spring in the air, mom and I got the kids "out" on Saturday and spent the day in Elko. We did a little shopping and spent quite a bit of time at the McDonald's playground. Katie and Tys had never gotten to experience a McD's playland before ("too many germs", says their daddy! I agree... but, they were just so excited about going!!) and had a blast. Katie was alittle unsure about climbing in those big tunnels so my mom climbed up in there with her ~ now that was sight to see! Wish I had my camera with me... Anyhow, while shopping we went down the shoe aisle and Tys saw these Cars crocs. He immediately got all excited and wouldn't stop pointing at them, saying "Cars, Cars". We tried them on and he got upset when we tried taking them off. He wore them out the store, the rest of the day and even to bed that night! As you can see, he wore them over his footie jammies :) Since then, they are the only shoes he'll wear.... Tys ~ pretty proud of his new shoes!
Katie and her new, jeweled Easter basket
Casey had a great time 4-wheeling on Saturday with my dad and friends. Then, that night we had pizza with my parents, Joe and our friend, Matt, from Boise.
Today, I'm getting ready to have a candle, Scentsy/wine & dessert party tonight....