Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trent 4 months

Trent turned 4 months old today! I won't know until next Tuesday, when he has his check up, how much he weighs. However, I CAN tell you that he's packed on the pounds since his 2 month check up. Trent now wears 6/9 months clothes and has big pinchable cheeks! He is so much more interactive with us now... always smiling and "talking" to us. He is also grabbing for his toys now and has found his fingers. He's lost quite a bit of his baby hair but, what he does have continues to stay dark. And, I'm happy to say that he's only waking up once during the night now and is getting on a better routine throughout the day! However, he hasn't been taking the bottle very well lately (but, we keep trying!) He is a constant joy in our family and we all just love him so much!! His famous smile!
He is happiest as a "naked baby"...

Yummy fingers!