Sunday, April 12, 2009

Trent's first Easter

Trent's first Easter ~ of course I took a ton of pictures! Here are just a few.... Looking handsome in his special sweater vest.... I say "special" because I couldn't find a suit outfit for him anywhere and ended up spending WAY TO MUCH $$ for this little thing!! But, once I got it on him I decided he was just TOO cute and that it was worth it :)
Trent and I heading to church. My mom was great and finished sewing my new skirt for me!

Trent and his Easter basket

Very happy about his new goodies in the Easter basket!! Little does he know, mama will be eating his chocolate :)

Checking out one of his new books... he is beginning to grasp and chew his toys now

This one is for Mere, who thinks Trent is ALWAYS so smiley and happy :)