Saturday, March 26, 2011

Trent's broken arm

After 5 years and 3 kids, we are having our first experience with broken bones. Last night Trent broke the radius on his left arm (right above his wrist) He was sitting by his daddy and Uncle Joe on the couch when he decided to slide down off the couch head and hands first. He landed on his hands then, twisted his arm as he fell. The guys said that he laughed for just a second then, started crying and crying and, wouldn't let them touch his arm. I also tried looking at it and we noticed swelling right away. Of all our kids, Trent is the toughest when it comes to pain. He hardly ever cries when he "bonks" himself so, we figured that something was wrong. So, we finished putting Tys and Katie to bed and, Joe was gracious enough to stay with them while Casey and I took him to the E.R. Thankfully, our favorite doctor and one of our favorite nurses was working! An X-Ray showed a Greenstick fracture to his arm so they splinted it and gave him a sling to wear until I get him to see his Pediatrician next week. Trent wasn't at all happy about them messing with his arm and kept giving them his "look of death"! But, he was a trooper through the whole thing and hardly even cried. He cringes still whenever we touch it (ie. getting him dressed) and by the way he holds it I can tell that it hurts. He was pretty miserable last night and this morning but, with the help of medication, he's getting up and around this afternoon. He's learning how to do things one-handed!
Watching cartoons this morning... he made us take his favorite monster trucks and blankie to the ER with him. They even got their X-Rays taken too :)

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Anne Marije said...

Poor Trent! He sounds like a brave little guy though! Hope his arm heals quickly. Tys got adjusted to his cast very quickly. Kids are amazing when it comes to that kind of stuff!