Friday, March 18, 2011

Trenton 2 yr check up

After a fun week in Boise we arrived back home yesterday, just in time for Katie to go to her Girl Scouts meeting. I have lots of pictures to post and catching up to do which, I will try to get to soon. My dad came home with us and will be here until Monday... it's always nice to have his help and company :)
Today, we went to Elko for Trent's 2 yr check up. The doctor was quite impressed with Trenton's size as, he is above 95% for his weight and height. There are no small Haveman boys in this family! At 2 years old, Trenton is at that fun age where he loves experiencing new things, is talking so much more and developing his own personality. He uses his big blue eyes to charm you and is very generous with giving kisses and snuggles. He is obsessed with trains and monster trucks right now and, loves his little blankie and Elmo toy (he calls him "melmo") In many ways, he is different than Tys and Katie were at this age. He has no desire to potty train, is pretty independant, loves to eat any and all foods and, can give looks that would "kill" We often talk about how he is our least friendly child. If he doesn't know you or is in a bad mood, don't be surprised if you get the "look of death". We're working on teaching him to be nice to people and hope he grows out of this! Recently, he has been learning how to pray... closing his eyes tightly, scrunching up his face and saying words that he knows. For Trenton, prayer is very serious business!
We are thankful for our healthy little (big) boy and love you very much, Ren-Man! Having a great time in the playland at Monkey Bizness, Boise

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