Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Trenton is adusting to having his injured arm and doing things one handed! Infact after being in discomfort over the weekend, his arm no longer seems to bother him and he is acting like his usual, old self... climbing on things, teasing his siblings and playing with his toys. He DID get really upset whenever I gave him a bath but wouldn't let him sit and play for his usual, LONG amount of time! The most challenging part has been keeping that sling on him. It didn't stay on very well and he really didn't like it. Lately, we haven't been making him wear it all the time since the swelling in his fingers have gone down. The most challenging part for me is keeping the bandaging clean until he sees the ortho doc. next Tuesday! My parents surprised the kids and came down from Boise on Monday & Tuesday to see us. They enjoyed their time and it went very quickly. Today the weather is so beautiful! I am happy to see our grass turning green and my tulips coming up... it's a good day to take the kids to the park this afternoon.
Sunday afternoon nap with Daddy

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