Thursday, March 10, 2011

After a busy week, I am pretty much packed for the kids and I to head up to Boise tomorrow morning. We'll be following my cousins up and, Briana will be riding with me to help with the kids. This'll be my first big trip by myself and, the kids don't have one of those car DVD's so I figured I had better have someone to help me :) It will be nice to see my parents and family again! This week has been busy with cooking meals for Casey, packing and getting our church's college student care packages ready to be mailed.
Wednesday was Parent Appreciation Day at Katie's school; I got to spend the morning in her classroom with her. It was a really great time filled with fun and seeing how Katie spends her time there. Kuddos to her amazing teacher, who makes learning fun and still keeps a handle on her busy class! Sitting on the couch, Katie is reading an ABC book to her little brother
Mr. Blue Eyes
Trenton... doing his best at helping mommy pack!

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