Saturday, March 26, 2011

Daisys and Cars

Katie joined Daisy's about a month ago and is really enjoying it! Daisy's is the first level of Girl Scouts, K-1st grade. She's not in Kindergarten yet but they let her join now since she is 5yrs. They meet everyother Thurs. afternoon, for an hour, and it's at her school. At first she was shy among the 10 or so girls that she didn't know but, is now happy to participate and join in the activities and learning the pledge. I find a babysitter for the boys and always go along with her to the meetings... she still needs help writing in her Girl Scout workbook and, I don't want to miss out on the fun :) During one of the recent meetings, the girls (with the help of their moms) decorated their new Daisy shirts. The troop decided to decorate white polo shirts vs. buying the expensive uniforms since, they'll be buying the full G.S. uniform soon enough. So, here is Katie in her Daisy shirt! Her badges (which are the petals to the actual Daisy flower) will be sewn on the back. Last week she earned an orange petal badge for "Being responsible for what I say and do". Last Saturday the Daisy troop sold cookies at one of our local convenience mart/gas stations. She was very excited about doing this! She and I went from noon-2pm (along with 3 other girls and 1 mom) and sold quite a few boxes! She was happy to have friends that she knew stop by and buy from her. Her daddy even stopped by and bought a few for himself :) Little does daddy know, mommy bought herself a few boxes too! hee hee
After selling cookies last Sat., Katie set up her own food and drink station at home this last week. She had a phone for taking phone orders and a little "contraption" that gave you any food or drink that you wanted. And the best part is, she gave it all away for FREE :)
When Tys wasn't eating "food" from his sister's table he spent time lining his cars and trucks up in a row. He has LOTS of cars and trucks in his collection so this keeps him busy for a while. He says that they're getting ready for a race. However, I never actually see them all race... guess it's too hard to move all of those cars at once!

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Geer Family said...

You are such a big girl Katie! I'm very proud of you for pretending to sell food and drinks at home and I LOVE your shirt :)