Monday, March 21, 2011

25 weeks

I am now 25 weeks along and feel her kicks getting stronger each day. For my appt. in Elko today, I took the boys and my dad along to hear the heartbeat. She is always very active in there and was kicking hard as the doctor was trying to assess my tummy! After my appt. we went to lunch with dad then, he went on his way home to Boise. The boys and I did a little grocery shopping and hurried home before the snow storm got any worse.
I continue to have the everyday nausea and even though it's not as bad as it was, I still feel "yucky" all the time. Some moments are worse than others throughout the day. I told Casey I have a feeling that I'm going to be sick this entire pregnancy! But, having only 15 weeks left gives me hope and the endurance to make it to the end :) 25 weeks pregnant and a cute little boy!


Geer Family said...

snow storm! you look ready for the tropics!

Lisa Haveman said...

lol! I had the picture taken before adding on a sweater :) However, today is very nice and feels like spring.. typical Nevada springtime!